Jensen Model Jw160t 900 Mhz Wireless Stereo Headphones


Jensen JW160 Wireless Headphones Feature

  • Listen to music or TV from anywhere in or around your home

  • Range of up to 150 feet

  • Compatible with audio and video equipment

  • Self-adjusting headband

  • Lightweight design

Jensen JW160 Wireless Headphones Overviews

THOMPSON MULTIMEDIA (JW160) Wireless Stero Headphones
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Jensen JW160 Wireless Headphones Specifications

With Jensen’s patented 900 MHz technology, the JW160 wireless headphones offer you superior freedom and versatility over infrared headphones. These headphones let you move from room to room, or inside or outside your house, and still receive high-quality audio signals through walls, floors, and ceilings. You can be as far away from your source as 150 feet. Jensen’s JW160 headphones let you garden to the radio, exercise to your favorite CD, or stay up late watching TV without disturbing others.

The Jensen JW160 gives you full volume control and features a self-adjusting headband and a lightweight design for comfort and extended wear. These headphones are easy to install and include several hookup options. They are compatible with audio-video equipment such as TVs, VCRs, stereo receivers, CD players, and satellite receivers. The JW160s run on two AAA batteries and are covered by a one-year warranty.